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When educating yourself about any field, it seems best to me to go straight to the people actually doing the work. The ones in the field, on the set, day after day. The ones for whom the craft isn't theoretical, but a cold practicality, a problem to be solved.

Here are a few filmmaking podcasts that give you close access to talented creators. I've gotten a lot out of them.

3rd & Fairfax | iTunes
The official podcast of the WGAw, 3rd & Fairfax features interviews with writers discussing their latest work, and covers TV as well as features.

Episode pick: Episode 92 – Liz Hannah and Josh Singer, writers of The Post

American Cinematographer | iTunes

The American Society of Cinematographers creates this podcast about the art of capturing moving images. The interviews feel unrehearsed and candid, and feature artists who we typically have less opportunity to hear from.

Episode pick: Lost - John Bartley, ASC

The Director's Cut | iTunes
This official DGA podcast features a unique format of established film directors being interviewed by their peers. It's fun not only for the educational content, but for the friendships and relationships that are revealed in the discussions.

Episode pick: Bridge of Spies with Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese

The Q&A | iTunes

Host Jeff Goldsmith interviews screenwriters and the occasional director or actor about their recent films, asking in-depth and unique questions. These interviews are approachable for novice and experienced writers alike, as he dives into both breaking-in stories and deep discussions of structure and craft.

Episode pick: Coco with Matthew Aldrich and Adrian Molina

Scriptnotes | iTunes
Hosted by working writers John August and Craig Mazin, Scriptnotes is "a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters." It's both extremely educational and entertaining, with John and Craig coming at writing from different perspectives and discussing all parts of the process, from breaking in, to craft, to the business, and everything in-between.

Episode pick: 341 - Knowing vs. Discovering

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