David is a veteran story-shaper.

His work on animated films and narrative-driven games has given him a wide skill set and a deep understanding of story. He is programmer, editor, and writer. Perhaps most of all he is an explorer.

As an assistant editor on animated films, David worked with dialogue, cut sound effects, and edited scenes, but also went further. At Walt Disney Animation Studios, he helped bring the Tangled end credits sequence to life, moving virtual cameras through hand-drawn scenes. While at Pixar, he re-discovered the joyful frustrations of programming by co-creating a tool for assistant editors that saves them countless hours.

In 2012, David and his wife Brooke founded Brain&Brain, an independent game studio. The couple created the charming Doggins and whimsical Burly Men at Sea, with both games being critically praised and exhibited worldwide at venues including SXSW and the Smithsonian. They continue to create new story-driven experiences, and share their development process on Patreon.

Send David an e-mail; he'd love to converse.

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David Condolora is a storyteller in games, film, and beyond.